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Raw Sculpture

Intent To Burn

Sculpture for Community Fires

The FireCage series, designed by landscape artist Terence Parker, blends the medieval and modern in a contemporary blaze. Every heirloom quality piece is designed to be the focal point of any outdoor gathering space and is built to last for generations.

Each hand-forged sculpture resembles a relic from the Dark Ages; designed to harbor the fire when in use and rekindle the memory of the flame when idle.

Born in fire, each cage is crafted by master blacksmith Peter Happny, an innovative leader in contemporary blacksmithing. The steel is bent and hammered using the same flame the FireCages are designed to contain.

All models burn big and hot.

Real fire-Contained. Like the first ancient spark.
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    a FireCage series by Terrence Parker

    • five unique models


      by a New England blacksmith