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    a FireCage series by Terrence Parker

    Raw Sculpture

    Intent To Burn

    The FireCage series puts the heat back in the fire. Built like it was conceived and constructed in the Dark Ages, these sculptural devises cage the fire when in-use and rekindle the memory of the flame when idle. And when the fire goes out there is no sullen black ash pit staring back at you-- a FireCage says flame with every glance.

    The hand-forged steel is thick and twisted. At 1800 degrees, a New England blacksmith bends and hammers the steel to his will. Each FireCage creates serious fire. Some models allow for the wood to be stacked vertically so they can draw tons of air and burn like a furnace when desired, so stand back.

    All models burn big and hot.

    Real fire-Contained. Like the first ancient spark.
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    • five unique models


      by a New England blacksmith