When strategically stacked with wood the Pentangle burns like a furnace.

This FireCage has five ‘string- ball’ finials gracing its vertical elements. It is best to stand the vertical wood or tree limbs around the perimeter of the cage against the hoops. Do not use wood taller than the finials as it burns-out, breaks, and falls.

Once the verticals are in placed they support the horizontal layering of firewood for a dramatic and efficient burn. The column of fire throws a lot of heat so place this cage away from all other objects.

Finish: Available in Flat Black or Aged Rust

Height: 67" tall

Width: 33" in diameter

Weight: 94 lbs.

Material: Solid steel rod

Build Time: 2 week build time

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery after construction is complete. Each FireCage is hand-forged and made to order. You will be notified when construction is complete and when your FireCage has been shipped along with tracking.

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