Terrence Parker

Terrence Parker

Landscape Architect

Terrence Parker, Landscape ArchitectTerrence Parker has been a landscape architect and landscape artist for 33 years and principal of terrafirma landscape architecture of Portsmouth, NH for 23 years.

Terrence has his Masters of Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia in 1984 and has traveled to Japan to study temple gardens.  After completing his thesis on the use of abstract stone landscapes to articulate human and environmental patterns in the New England landscape Terrence organized several ‘Stone Occurrences’ to apply his thesis ideas to building dry-stone landscapes with groups of friends, and most recently conceived and designed the ‘StoneBale’ as an extension of this thesis. 

Terrence has recently won several public sculpture commissions that resulted in the sculptures called ‘Working’ in Portsmouth, NH which references the history of work in the late 1800’s and the ‘Kelp Wave’ which references the function of kelp and the bounty of the ocean in Rye, NH. 

terrafirma landscape architecture primarily designs spaces for people in residential, urban, commercial developments, and schools and playgrounds.

A major upcoming project includes the renovation of the streetscape in front of the Music Hall with a sculptural siting walls and a large architectonic arch over Chestnut Street. 

The FireCages unite Terrence’s sculptural eye and his desire to connect people to landscape spaces and the natural forces. Assembling people out in the landscape with a fire is a visceral and ancient human experience that reinforces one’s sense of community.