FireCage Disclaimer


The owner or operator of a FireCage is solely responsible for reviewing local fire codes and checking with fire officials to secure any required burn permits in the community in which a fire is planned.

Fire is inherently dangerous and the owner and operator of a FireCage needs to monitor the development of the fire at all times.

Keep your distance from a fire in a FireCage: the larger the cage the more distance a FireCage should be kept from all other flammable materials.

Metal remains hot. A FireCage is built of solid steel and will remain hot to the touch after a flame has diminished.

Keep children away from open flames.

Do not use a FireCage in a condition where wind is present. Fire is unpredictable and wind makes a fire more unpredictable.

Keep a source of water handy when operating a FireCage at all times and douse a fire fully to extinguish it completely.

Do not leave a fire unattended.